Vegan Pen Pal Project

The blog Vegan Machine seeks participants for its Vegan Pen Pal Project, which will connect vegans via hand-written letters from around the globe.


The Vegan Pen Pal Project by Vegan Machine blogger Kaycee Bassett is revamping a retro way to connect with other vegans, via snail mail letters. She started the project last month after realizing that the hyper-connectedness modern technology offers left her longing for the days of letter-writing and more personal forms of communication. Those interested in participating can sign up on Vegan Machine and Bassett will match pen pals based on traits, such as eating habits, hobbies, and favorite movies and books. In the modern day of having thousands of Facebook friends, cc-ing hundreds of people on emails, and tweeting, Bassett’s letter-writing project will offer vegans a more personal way to connect, while experiencing the fun of receiving a hand-written letter. 

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