Animal-Focused Ads

Mercy For Animals’ new ad campaign encourages Windy City residents to think critically of how their lifestyles and diets affects animals.

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Through the new Mercy For Animals transit ad campaign, hundreds of thousands of daily commuters in and around Chicago are coming face-to-face with the cruel practices that surround much of their food. More than 250 recently posted ads can be found on buses, trains, and transit stations, depicting striking images like a pig in a gestation crate, asking commuters, “How much cruelty can you swallow?” Another ad juxtaposes a pig and a puppy with the question, “Why love one but eat the other?” The ads encourage commuters to rethink their dietary choices, boycott animal abuse, and go veg. As the third largest city in America, Chicago boasts a population of nearly 2.7 million people, giving the MFA ample audience to spread its message. 

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