New Online Vegan Cooking Shows

New Online Vegan Cooking Shows

The Vegan Zombie and Vegan Drag Queen are bringing their cruelty-free culinary stylings to the world wide web.

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Two new online cooking shows are bringing out the fun side of vegan cuisine. In the vein of Vegan Black Metal Chef, The Vegan Zombie has been gaining attention in the blogosphere for its fusion of kitschy, gratuitous gore with easy, tasty vegan cooking. Recent episodes show viewers how to make vegan fettuccine Alfredo, French toast, and black bean burgers, all while fighting off flesh-eating undead humanoids. Performer and vegan activist Honey LaBronx has also launched Vegan Drag Queen, a similarly theatrical and informative series of cooking shows promoting the kind lifestyle with a little bit of added glitz and glamour. The first demonstration is for basic seitan, and LaBronx intends to launch a Kickstarter page to fund future installments of the show.

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