Raw Snickerdoodles

The classic cookie goes raw while retaining its signature sweet, spicy, chewy goodness.


With its mysterious name and subtle spice, the snickerdoodle remains an aloof figure in the world of baked goods. An edgier take on the gentle sugar cookie, this cinnamon-coated cookie has remained under the radar for years, quietly being offered at Grandma’s house and on dessert spreads before retreating back into the shadows. However, all of these notions are about to change with the advent of the Derrick Sky Snickerdoodle, the most impressive raw cookie—let alone wheat-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free cookie—to ever enter the VNHQ (and the mouths of its staff). Perfectly sweet, slightly gritty, and zingy like a churro, these treats blew us away. The snickerdoodle needed a makeover, and Derrick Sky has stepped up to the plate.

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