Vegan Cookie Spread

Bored of peanut butter? Revamp your toast by slathering on this sweet spread made of brown sugar cookies.


Think you’ve tried every nut-butter known to man (or woman)? Maybe you have. But before you gloat, have you tried a creamy vegan “butter” made of caramelized cookies crushed to smooth, spreadable perfection?  European company Lotus Bakeries is the mastermind behind this decadent paste, which is known as “speculoospasta” in its native Belgium. Sold under the decidedly more appetizing name of Biscoff in North America, the spread is made from slightly spiced cookies and can be used just about anywhere, including on sandwiches, fruit, toast, or oatmeal. You can even cause a jam in the cogs of the universe by spreading it on the very cookies from which it is made. Never before has a peanut-butter alternative been so meta, or so delicious. 

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