11 More Must-Have Vegan iPhone Apps

These helpful new apps keep vegan recipes, info, and tools only a click, tap, and swipe away.


Take a look around a subway car or a waiting room, and you’ll probably see many faces gazing into a handheld touch-screen display. Smartphones are here to stay, and their unparalleled level of convenience is largely aided by the advent of hundreds of thousands of apps, which make everything from ordering a pizza to scanning a barcode doable in seconds. Even better, veg-friendly apps are on the rise, with new ones popping up seemingly every day. Here are a few of our recent favorites, and don’t miss our first list of 10 Vegan Smartphone Apps to Make Life Easier.

Animal-Free (Free)
This free, award-winning app is a pocket dictionary for animal ingredients, from the obvious to the covert. Its built-in barcode scanner allows users to check products for undesirables, and those without a camera can check using product names or specific components.

Gardein Recipes (Free)
Faux-meat master Gardein launched a new app this July featuring its tasty, cruelty-free products in tons of innovative recipes, such as Korean Soft Tacos, Five-Spice Chik’n Noodle Salad, and Summer Grilled Scallopini. Users can also see where to buy Gardein products in the app’s locator feature.

Go Vegan! ($6.99)
Author of the cookbook How It All Vegan Sarah Kramer authored this aptly titled app, with features 50 of her recipes for breakfast, entrées, salads, soups, desserts, and more. The app also has video cooking tips from the cook herself and a customizable shopping list.

All Things Tofu (Free)
Veggie Award-winning tofu brand Nasoya created this mobile app, which helps users compile tofu-based recipes through its handy Dish Whiz tool, according to meal, ingredient, and dietary preference. Nasoya will also be updating the app with video tips, and encourages consumers to take the Tofu U healthy living pledge in order to win rewards.

HappyCow ($2.99)
The popular vegan travel website has gone handheld with this on-the-go guide to plant-based dining. An interactive map allows users to filter local businesses for veg-friendliness or find nearby health food stores, while the category browser makes finding veg sushi a breeze.

21-Day Vegan Kickstart (Free)
Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine makes going vegan wildly easy with this awesome resource that helps participants plan healthy, delicious plant-based meals for every day of their program. Stay motivated with words of encouragement and chow down on Couscous Confetti Salad, Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal and more, and it’s simple enough for your tech-challenged mom to use.

VeganXpress ($1.99)
Finding your road-trip style cramped by dismal vegan options at fast-food eateries? Look no further than Vegan Xpress, a convenient database of the vegan options at many popular fast-food and chain restaurants around the country. Puzzled at Papa John’s? Get the breadsticks. Desperate at Denny’s? Try a baked potato with sautéed mushrooms and pico de gallo. Better yet,  the catalog is constantly expanding with new places and menu items.

Roaming Hunger (Free)
If you live in virtually any metropolitan area in the US, it’s likely that a veg-friendly food truck is somewhere in your midst. The question is, how will you scout out this roaming vehicle of deliciousness? The answer: Roaming Hunger, an app that offers real-time locations for more than 800 different trucks nationwide.

Vegan Cupcakes by Isa Moskowitz (Free)
If you are one of the many, many fans of Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s amazing vegan cupcakes, you’ll be pretty pleased by this complimentary, cupcake-centric app that offers 75 different flavors and frostings to try in your own kitchen. S’mores, Mucho Margarita, and Pumpkin Chocolate-Chip are just a few of the flavor concoctions that are offered.

BNB ($2.99)
This app’s moniker stands for Be Nice to Bunnies, a fitting name for an app that helps users find cruelty-free products that are not tested on animals. Search by company, category, or product to ensure that your shampoo, detergent, or nail polish is vegan friendly.

Do Eat Raw ($0.99)
Get access to more than 300 raw vegan recipes with this nifty archive of entrées, salads, breads, crackers, desserts, smoothies, and more. Better yet, users can add photos of their own creations, use a built-in timer for keeping track of dehydrating foods, and save the favorites that have them coming back for seconds.

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