Deen Urged to Go Vegan

Veg organizations are encouraging Paula Deen to adopt a vegan diet in order to manage her diabetes.


In response to news that she has type 2 diabetes, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are urging TV chef Paula Deen to adopt a vegan diet. Deen, nicknamed the Butter Queen, is notorious for championing high-calorie, fat-laden Southern dishes on her Food Network shows and in her best-selling cookbooks. PCRM, which named Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible one of the worst cookbooks of 2011, released a public letter to the star inviting her to join its 21-Day Vegan Kickstart instead of relying exclusively on medication. PETA echoed PCRM’s statement, sending the chef its vegan starter kit and several cookbooks.

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