Forks Over Knives Talks Sex

The makers of the documentary Forks Over Knives have created a short film about how veganism benefits sexual function.


The creators of the popular film Forks Over Knives, which has inspired celebrities like Russell Brand and Ozzy Osbourne to adopt a vegan diet, have created a new short film lauding the positive impact that a plant-based diet can have on one’s sex life. Prominent health and nutrition experts—including Caldwell Esselstyn and Kathy Freston—appear in the video, explaining how heart health and vascular function are deeply intertwined with sexual function and enjoyment. Animal products such as meat and cheese can clog arteries, leading to decreased blood flow to all areas of the body—including the ones used in the bedroom. “Vegan is the new Viagra,” Freston declares in the short film.

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