Healthy Dark Chocolate

You heard that right—these luscious chocolates are packed with whole foods, but rich enough to satisfy candy cravings.


Usually, we argue that chocolate’s much-hyped antioxidant content warrants frequent indulgence in the sweet stuff. Anti-inflammation, we cry! But, what if chocolate really was healthy? Of course, the wizards over at Derrick Sky went ahead and made “nutritional chocolate,” a genius incarnation of raw cacao with a host of herbs, seeds, and other stuff that pumps you up in the best way possible. We went crazy for the Raspberry Immunity Boost Rescue Bites, which feature ginseng, rose hips, and flax, and we’re totally befuddled by how something so awesome-tasting can be mysteriously free of sugar, dairy, and additives. But hey, we’re not asking too many questions.

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