HSUS Grades Obama Policies

HSUS has given the Obama administration a grade of C- for its animal-welfare policies in 2011.

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The Humane Society of the United States has donned a low grade of C- to the Obama administration for its efforts and policies in animal-welfare work this past year. The administration received a B in 2010 and a B- in 2009, but measures such as compromising federal protection for wolves and state laws for farm-animal welfare led to the organization lowering its score. HSUS also criticized the administration’s generous spending on lethal-predator control programs, authorization of the killing of sea lions, and capture of more than 10,000 wild horses and burros, but commends the federal government for tightening restrictions on horse transport, recommending increased funding for the more thorough implementation of federal animal-welfare laws, and refusing to import Canadian polar bear-hunting trophies.

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