Quorn Vegan Burger

Meaty burgers, step aside—there’s a new kid in town, and he’s savory, smoky, and bun-ready.


You may feel overwhelmed when you step into the meat substitute section of the frozen aisle, between the flame-grilled this and all-natural that. You may feel confused, distraught, in need of a stiff drink—you may flee on foot and awaken from passing out in the grocery store parking lot from stress. Be calm, little burger-seeker, for Quorn hath released a new vegan burger deserving of your attention and consumption. Its premiere meat- and dairy-free patty is smoky, pleasantly flaky, and eager to be dolloped with condiments, blanketed with lettuce and pickles, and savored in a soft and chewy bun. And, since it’s made from mushroom proteins instead of soy, it’s suitable for those with allergy concerns. Zero in on this faux meat if you’re ready for a new taste of sandwich freedom.

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