UCSD’s Vegan Restaurant

The University of California, San Diego opened its first vegan restaurant this week.


On Monday, the University of California, San Diego opened the campus’ first vegan restaurant, Roots. Located in Muir College, which houses the university’s environmental programs, Roots represents the school’s efforts to accommodate UCSD’s vocal vegan community while promoting healthy eating habits. “It’s a healthier option for everyone,” Muir Senator Elizabeth Garcia tells the UCSD Guardian. Roots offers standard vegan fare, such as salads and soups, as well as heartier items, including a faux-chicken barbecue sandwich and a baked potato topped with vegan cheese. Like all restaurants on campus, Roots accepts the university’s “Dining Dollars,” and can be integrated into students’ meal plans. UCSD isn’t the only vegan-friendly campus: last year, the University of North Texas in Denton unveiled its first vegan dining hall.

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