Vegan Bodybuilders in NY Times

Yesterday, The New York Times published a story on the growing number of vegan bodybuilders.


Yesterday, readers of The New York Times’ online Sports section came across a story of a small but growing trend in bodybuilding—veganism. The article, “Vegans Muscle Their Way Into Bodybuilding,” discusses the niche community of vegan bodybuilders, such as Robert Cheeke, Jimi Sitko, and Kenneth G. Williams, who are using a plant-based diet to bulk up and compete. Williams, a raw foodist who went vegan in 2003 and won his first competition in 2004, says his decision was initially not well-received: “I had a great physique and [my gym buddies] said, ‘You’re going to get skinny sick and frail and die.’” Eight years later, he says, “I’m a warrior now.”

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