Vegan Junk Food Company

Dirty Vegan Foods, which offers vegan versions of junk food classics, plans to expand in 2012.


Massachusetts-based snack-maker Katie Gill, better known as the Dirty Vegan, is looking to expand her line of vegan junk food, as well as its distribution. In a January 24 article in The Herald News, the vegan blogger-turned-entrepreneur describes how an unanticipated layoff led her to launch Dirty Vegan Foods, her homage to the retro sweets she enjoyed as a kid. Dirty Vegan Foods currently offers more than a dozen products, including a veganized version of Hostess Twinkies and Ding Dongs, but Gill plans on expanding the company’s inventory to include more cruelty-free creations. In addition to being available online and at Rhode Island Whole Foods, Dirty Vegan Foods will be available at the supermarket chain’s Boston-area locations this year.

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