Dairy Farm Charged for Pollution

A Washington factory farm is being held accountable for polluting groundwater and soil through faulty manure management.


A federal district court judge recently ruled that Nelson Faria Dairy—a factory farm, or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, in Royal City, WA—be held accountable for violations of the Clean Water Act. The decision marks the first incident that a CAFO has been held responsible for pollution and ordered to monitor nearby water and soil for future damage. In this case, the farm’s insufficient system for managing its massive output of untreated manure contaminated local groundwater, soil, and drainage, threatening public safety and resulting in a lawsuit from nonprofit Community Association for the Restoration of the Environment. CARE president Helen Reddout tells website Ecocentric, “It is now time for the agencies who are supposed to be protecting our health to follow the precedent set by this order.”

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