In-Vitro Beef Breakthrough

In-Vitro Beef Breakthrough

Scientists in the Netherlands plan to unveil the world’s first test-tube burger patty in October.


A team of scientists in the Netherlands is one step closer to bringing in-vitro beef products to the masses, with a prototype of the world’s first artificially created hamburger patty expected to debut this October. The lab-produced patty, which replicates the taste and texture of real beef, is grown using cows’ stem cells—a process which doesn’t necessarily require animals to be slaughtered. Though the initial product will only be available to a select group of individuals at approximately $350,000 a portion, the scientists predict that mass-produced in-vitro meat could be a reality in the next 10 years, offering a sustainable solution for the harmful environmental impact of the meat industry, as well as for the increasing global demand for meat products.

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