Nondairy Milk Sales Rise

Nondairy Milk Sales Rise

A new study shows that sales of plant-based milks have increased considerably while consumption of dairy milk has decreased.


Consumer-marketing organization Packaged Facts has released a new study revealing that nondairy milk sales are rising rapidly in the US, while dairy milk consumption is on the decline. Sales of plant-based milks reached an estimated $1.33 billion in the US in 2011, while per-capita consumption of cows’ milk slumped from 24.3 gallons in 1994 to 20.8 gallons in 2008. While soymilk remains the most popular nondairy alternative, almond milk, rice milk, and coconut milk are all growing markets as well. The report corresponds with a Wall Street Journal article from last year that focused on the rising popularity of almond milk and the defensive strategies of the dairy industry, which has recently launched “Got milk?” advertisements aiming to discredit the validity of plant-based alternatives.

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