Bob Barker Against Ag-Gag

In a letter to Missouri lawmakers, the former television host denounces proposed ag-gag legislation.

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Former The Price is Right host Bob Barker is speaking out against a proposed Missouri bill that would require individuals to report documented instances of animal cruelty on farms within 24 hours, calling it a hurdle to undercover investigators looking to expose routine abuse. “Missouri lawmakers must realize that consumers are demanding better treatment of animals used for food, not for the agriculture industry to cover up illegal acts and penalize those who try to expose routine cruelty,” Barker writes in a letter to state legislators. As evidence of the importance of long-term investigations, the veteran television personality cites People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ three month-long undercover operation at a Iowa Hormel supplier in 2008, which resulted in six workers being charged with livestock neglect and abuse.

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