Dutch Mock-Meat Company Hopes to Cash in on PETA Prize

The Vegetarian Butcher seeks a retail partner to help it get its product in US stores.


Dutch faux-meat producer The Vegetarian Butcher is looking for a retail partner to help with US distribution, following a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals contest designed to encourage the production of high-quality vegan chicken. The contest, which boasts a first-place prize of $1 million, requires hopefuls to create a hyper-realistic chicken substitute in commercial quantities. The company has offered to split the winnings with whoever can help it distribute its product in at least 10 states by the June 30 deadline. Famed New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman—an omnivore—recently visited a Vegetarian Butcher outlet in the Hague, praising the texture and flavor of its fake chicken product.

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