Heigl Against Ag-Gag Bill

The actress is campaigning against a Utah bill that would ban covert filming on factory farms.


Actress Katherine Heigl has announced her opposition to a Utah bill that would prohibit animal-welfare activists from filming on factory farms without their owners’ consent. Last week, the bill passed the Utah House of Representatives in a 60-14 vote, and has since moved to the State Senate. In the days leading up to lawmakers’ March 8 decision deadline, Heigl is reaching out to each senator in her adoptive state, urging them to reconsider their position on the issue. Writing on behalf of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Heigl says, “I hope that legislators in Utah recognize that they need to work to prevent cruelty to animals by strengthening laws, not penalizing those who are trying to expose this cruelty.”

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