HSUS Challenges Chain

The organization is challenging Tim Hortons to improve its animal-welfare standards on US farms.


The Humane Society of the United States is urging Tim Hortons, Canada’s largest fast-food chain, to improve the animal-welfare practices used by its US pork and egg suppliers. Using its power as a shareholder, HSUS plans to propose a vote at Tim Hortons’ annual shareholders meeting, occurring in May, to determine whether the eatery should stop sourcing from farms that use gestation crates and battery cages. “When it comes to addressing cruelty to animals, an issue that American consumers feel strongly about, Tim Hortons is severely lagging,” says Matthew Prescott, HSUS’ food policy director in the farm animal-protection division. In response to HSUS’ efforts, Tim Hortons says it is working with its US suppliers to implement more humane farming practices.

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