Make Up Your Own Holiday

Creating and celebrating your own holiday worked for Festivus, and it can work for you!


Oh, little-known holidays, you bring us so much joy. In the illustrious tradition of such gems as Toothache Day (February 9), Toasted Marshmallow Day (August 30), and the almost-too-big-to-be-on-this-list Pi Day (March 14), less famous holidays offer a reason to celebrate something nearly every day of the year. But perhaps you find fault with the holiday-naming authorities. Perhaps you can’t stand to be told to hug a postman or eat an applesauce cake on their official days. If your rebellious nature demands that you go against the grain, have we got a holiday for you. Today, we celebrate those wayward pioneers who just can’t help but put their own spin on things. Today, we revel in creativity and gumption. Today, we celebrate Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. But how best to take advantage of today’s promise? Here’s a handy guide for making the most of the liberty of festivity.

DIY, Darling!
Of course, a holiday that’s totally yours should come from you! But if starting from scratch seems a bit over ambitious, we have you covered. First you’ll need a theme. Might we suggest finding a person (or group of people) who inspires you? With spring now officially here, maybe you’re ready to get back into shape after winter’s countless casseroles. Put those two ideas together, and you have National Vegan Athlete Day! Celebrate by putting up your biggest posters of Robert Cheeke, Rich Roll, Brendan Brazier, and Tonya Kay, doing a really intense workout, and then gathering for a friendly game of Ultimate Frisbee (the workout of choice of Farm Sanctuary Co-founder Gene Baur). Or, if you’re not-so-much a Tough Mudder as a trend monger, organize a clothing swap with your most fashion-focused of friends in honor of Cruelty-Free Couture Day. Get inspired by Vaute Couture’s recently opened flagship store, and use only reclaimed or recycled items to turn your living room into a model-ready runway. You definitely get bonus points if you happen to throw this eco-friendly soirée in April, the month that also boasts Earth Day (April 22). Whatever your impulse, go with it!

Subtle Suggestions
Since just about everybody loves a good party, making up your own holiday can be the perfect excuse to introduce friends and family to the wondrous ways of veganism. Enlist a few voracious volunteers, and set about creating as many vegan versions of your favorite food as possible, then invite over a gaggle of gobblers. Try establishing National Mashed Potato Day (aka, the best day of your life!), National Beet Burger Day, or National Cookie Spread Doughnut Day, and then go absolutely crazy with variations. Keep it subtle by not even mentioning that the dishes are vegan until they’ve been completely devoured, and then let guests know about the cruelty-free cuisine. Since the misconception that vegan food lacks flair and flavor still (somehow) persists, wowing your co-celebrants with a stunning smorgasbord can open people’s minds to the abundance of veganism.

Ask For It Day!
OK, there’s a pretty good chance that this day will make for some pretty bad puns, but go with us for a minute here. No vegan is an island, and for many of us, it can be difficult to watch those around us—especially our closest friends and family—eat animal products. Whether out of concern for the animals, the planet, or the health of our beloved humans (or all three!), sitting idly at a meat-laden table can be frustrating. So, take the opportunity of creating your own holiday to observe Ask For It Day by asking those around you to go vegan, just for a day. This idea lends itself particularly well to a yearly tradition, which you might start by focusing on one person in your life and treating them to a full day’s worth of awesome vegan grub. Each year, you could add to the party by asking more friends to participate, or chose a different honoree who gets your full attention that day.

No matter what tactic you take, creating more traditions that involve cruelty-free celebrations is an excellent way to spend your time—perhaps even more exciting than International Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19). Perhaps.

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