Need Extra Space on a Plane? Sit Next to a Vegan, PCRM Says

A new tongue-in-cheek television ad from PCRM suggests picking a vegan neighbor on a plane for more elbow room.


A new campaign from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine poses a satirical solution to the ongoing problem of cramped airline seats—for $10, hypothetical flyers could pay to sit next to a vegan. In the commercial, which will air on the CNN Airport Network and YouTube, a dismayed flyer is crowded by his large seat-neighbors, only to look across the aisle and hear a cheery man proclaim that he opted for a vegan flying companion (a slim woman). Though the premise is tongue-in-cheek, the ad also argues that meat is associated with a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, and colon cancer, and pokes fun at the verbose vegan community by suggesting that for an additional $10, flyers could choose to fly next to an empty seat.

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