Australian Farms Still Phasing Out Gestation Crates

Eighteen months after pork producers pledged to phase out the stalls, pigs still remain confined.

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More than a year after Australian pork producers agreed to ban the use of gestation crates by 2017, roughly one-third of pregnant sows are living outside of the stalls, while 67 percent remain confined, a new survey says. Andrew Spencer, CEO of Australian Pork Limited, believes the results are proof the industry is “well ahead” of its 2017 deadline. However, animal-welfare activists are less enthused about the ban’s progress. Though she is pleased that pork producers have pledged to end the cruel practice, Animals Australia Campaign Director Lyn White says that the ban’s proposed five-year deadline isn’t enough. “The two-thirds of pigs who remain subjected to the cruelty of sow stalls won’t be alive to receive the benefits in 2017. It is clearly within the ability of the pig industry to alleviate their suffering now,” White says.

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