MFA Video Reveals Brutal Truths About Backyard Slaughter

Mercy For Animals has found repeated incidents of extreme cruelty in the practice of backyard livestock raising.


While many think of small-scale local meat production as a more humane alternative to factory farms, animal-welfare organization Mercy For Animals has found that it can be just as inhumane. MFA has obtained undercover footage from a Los Angeles-area backyard butchery that depicts the extremely cruel treatment and slaughter of animals, resulting in the arrest of the 26 year-old man behind the operation. The graphic footage shows backyard farmers aggressively pinning and sawing the throats of goats and sheep, among other transgressions. In a statement, MFA’s Executive Director Nathan Runkle argues, “This case graphically illustrates the cruel, inhumane, and illegal abuses that farmed animals are all too often subjected to in California.” Los Angeles County Animal Control raided the backyard farm last week and transported the remaining animals to a local sanctuary.

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