Michigan Nonprofit Debuts Vegan Billboard Campaign

The campaign is designed to educate residents about the health and ethical reasons for going vegan.


VegMichigan, the state’s largest veg organization, has launched its first billboard campaign in an attempt to educate Michigan locals about the various motivations for adopting a vegan diet. The billboards, which will be installed in the Detroit area, feature real vegan models paired with statements advocating for the environmental, health, and animal-welfare impact of forgoing animal products. By using real people as the subjects of its campaign, VegMichigan hopes to demonstrate that veganism attracts people from various backgrounds and lifestyles—people who are as happy and healthy as their meat-and-dairy eating counterparts. “Non-meat-eaters are a growing segment of the population and we want to show that they aren’t a different species; they’re real people,” says VegMichigan publicist Cyndi Summers.

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