Morrissey Discusses Animal Welfare and Veg Diet

In a new interview with the Phillipine Star, the singer and activist says eating meat is outdated.


Morrissey, former frontman of the seminal British alt-rock band The Smiths, discussed his dedication to animal welfare in a recent interview with the Philippine Star. The singer, who was named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ UK person of the year in 2011, made bold statements about his disdain for fur and stated that meat has no place in the modern diet. “I’ll admit that animal flesh was probably all people could eat in 1207, but there’s no excuse or reason in 2012,” he says. “Meat is violence and horror and death and cruelty … why put all of that inside your body?” Morrissey is currently in the midst of a world tour, which concludes in his hometown of Manchester, UK in July.

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