New Jersey Cow Finds New Home After Slaughterhouse Escape

After being chased by police, the cow was transported to New York’s Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.


After breaking free from a local slaughterhouse, a New Jersey cow has found refuge at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in upstate New York. The cow’s harrowing journey began Tuesday night, when he escaped from the Paterson, NJ slaughterhouse and proceeded to wander the streets, evading police and animal control until he got trapped between a fire hydrant and a truck. Once animal-welfare advocates heard about the ordeal, they arranged for the cow to be transported to the Woodstock sanctuary with help from local volunteer Mike Stura. “He’ll never end up on someone’s plate, that’s for sure,” Stura tells NBC New York. Though the cow, named Mike Jr. after his rescuer, appeared to have gotten hit by a car during the chase, a veterinarian said he should make a full recovery at his new home.


Photo: Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

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