PETA Unveils 3-D Factory Farming Simulation Tents

This fall, PETA will be taking an interactive “factory farming experience” to college campuses nationwide.

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Animal-welfare organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ youth divison, peta2, announced Friday that it will be launching a new project this fall aimed at offering college students a first-hand experience of the discomfort that factory-farm animals experience. The campaign, titled peta2’s Glass Walls Exhibit: 3D, consists of a large tent inside which students will watch eye-opening exposé videos from the confines of a life-sized gestation crate similar to the ones used for sows. After completing the experience, students will also receive vegan food samples, information, and stickers from PETA. The exhibit is still in the initial stages of design, but will be hitting college campuses nationwide later this year.

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