Russell Simmons and Assistant Discuss Distaste for Dairy

The hip-hop mogul and his right-hand woman both recently penned articles about the negative side of dairy.

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Def Jam Recordings co-founder Russell Simmons is not shy about discussing his vegan diet, and recently, his executive assistant Simone Reyes followed suit. After Simmons penned an open letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in February extolling the benefits of plant-based milks over cows’ milk, Reyes has written a similar essay for GlobalGrind emphasizing the health, environmental, and ethical superiority of vegan alternatives to traditional dairy. While Simmons approaches the issue from a business standpoint in his letter, Reyes’ main points include the widespread prevalence of lactose intolerance, the inhumane and unsanitary conditions at dairy farms, and the pain that animals endure during milk production.

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