Vegans Respond to Controversy Over Veg Parenting

Media coverage of vegan parenting has ignited a debate about raising children on a plant-based diet.


Vegan parenting has been at the center of media controversy this past week, with author Ruby Roth taking heat for her new pro-vegan children’s book Vegan is Love, set for release today. Roth’s book has been the subject of criticism, with some questioning the safety and suitability of her message. Further igniting the media firestorm is food writer Nina Planck, who warned against what she feels are the dangers of raising children vegan in last week’s New York Times Room for Debate feature. In the wake of the controversy, vegans are using the media to speak out against misinformation. In a Los Angeles Times blog post published yesterday, vegan dietitian and author Virginia Messina defends vegan parenting, urging readers to “rely on input from those experts, not on the views of uninformed food writers.”

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