Whole Foods Discontinues Sale of Unsustainable Fish

Starting this week, Whole Foods Market will no longer sell nine types of fish that are unsustainable or endangered.


As of last Sunday, Whole Foods Market stores will no longer be carrying or selling species of fish that are subject to overfishing or environmentally harmful catching methods. Whole Foods has been implementing seafood sustainability ratings based on information from the Blue Ocean Institute and Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. In addition to bluefin tuna, orange roughy, most types of marlin, and shark, the chain will now no longer carry gray sole, skate, Atlantic cod, Atlantic halibut, octopus, sturgeon, tautog, turbot, imported wild shrimp, rockfish, and swordfish, with occasional exceptions for fisheries that use specific catching methods proven not to be detrimental to aquatic ecosystems.

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