Animal Sanctuaries Sue Over Abandoned Hens in CA

Three rescue groups are suing the owners of a Northern California farm after they allegedly left their hens to die.


Nearly two months after authorities found 50,000 hens abandoned on a Northern California egg farm, animal-welfare groups are suing the farm’s owners, alleging they left the birds there to starve. The plaintiffs, Animal Place, Farm Sanctuary, and Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary, were involved with rescue operations following the grisly discovery, which left one third of the birds dead, and thousands suffering from starvation and infection. Since all three organizations provided care to the 4,500 remaining birds, they are demanding that the owners, Andy Keung Cheung and Lien Diep, compensate them for the food and veterinary services required during the birds’ rehabilitation. Currently, the sanctuaries are trying to find homes for the surviving hens.

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