Ban on Foie Gras Remains, Despite Chefs’ Wishes

California lawmakers have rejected local chefs’ pleas to reverse the upcoming ban on foie gras.

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California legislators are going ahead with the statewide ban on foie gras, in spite of some local chefs’ efforts to have the law overturned. Last week, a group of chefs calling themselves the Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards attempted to find a representative to sponsor a bill that would repeal the upcoming ban before it goes into effect July 1. The chefs are proposing what they call a “humane” approach to producing foie gras, a delicacy they say is vital to California’s identity as a culinary hotspot. But according to The Washington Post, lawmakers aren’t budging. “I’m not going to allow an issue like that to preoccupy the Legislature,” says Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg.

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