Canadian Activist: Veganism Should Be a Human Right

Canadian Activist: Veganism Should Be a Human Right

Law school graduate Camille Labchuk hopes to get veganism recognized under Canadian human-rights legislation.

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A law school graduate in Toronto is attempting to get veganism protected as a human right under Canadian law, CBC News reports. Camille Labchuk, a University of Toronto law graduate and dedicated champion of the plant-based lifestyle, presented her case to the Ontario Human Rights Commission in March, hoping to get veganism recognized as a “creed”—discrimination based on which is legally prohibited. According to Labchuck, people who follow a vegan diet should have the right to claim discrimination if their request for vegan or vegetarian food is denied at government facilities such as hospitals or prisons. Currently, the Commission is attempting to clarify the definition of “creed,” and has been holding hearings to determine whether or not veganism falls within those parameters.

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