Canadian Fast-Food Giant Announces Welfare Reforms

Tim Hortons, the country’s largest fast-food chain, has announced its new animal-welfare policies.


Facing mounting consumer pressure, Canadian chain Tim Hortons—the largest fast-food chain in the country—has become the latest quick-service establishment to implement animal-welfare reforms for its egg and pork suppliers. On Friday, the company announced that it would begin giving preference to pork producers with concrete plans to phase out pig gestation crates, and begin sourcing 10 percent of its eggs from cage-free facilities. “We believe there are better, more humane and sustainable housing systems that can improve the quality of animals’ lives,” says CEO Paul House. The Humane Society of the United States, which owns 130 of Tim Hortons’ shares, had planned on introducing a motion to improve the company’s welfare standards at an upcoming shareholder’s meeting.


Photo: Tim Hortons

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