Eat Less Meat to Combat Climate Change

Experts recommend moving away from meat to stem the tide of climate change.

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A recent article on brings attention to a report published in May 2011 about the multifaceted reasoning why cutting back on meat consumption is the most promising fix for reversing the damage done to the environment by greenhouse gas emissions. Citing a report from the World Bank Group’s environmental advisor Robert Goodland and co-author Jeff Anhang, the article mentions the possible positive effects that replacing meat and dairy with plant-based products could have, including helping to reduce livestock-related greenhouse gas emissions, lessening agriculture’s dependence on oil, and alleviating a worldwide water shortage. Only one fourth of the most environmentally taxing products need to be replaced to meet international climate goals, according to Goodland, which he sees as a major opportunity for food companies to offer more eco-friendly, plant-based items.

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