Farm and Food Industries Fight Animal-Cruelty Bills

In California, approved legislation outlawing cruel farming practices has been met with opposition.


Despite legislative victories in the realm of animal cruelty, members of the factory farming and food industries continue to challenge voter-approved initiatives in California. Four years after the state passed Proposition 2, which requires farmers to eliminate the use of gestation crates and battery cages by 2015, egg farmer William Cramer has filed a lawsuit arguing that the proposition is unconstitutional. Cramer, whose farm Norco Ranch was the subject of a 2008 Mercy for Animals investigation, says the measure could destroy the industry. Similarly, more than 100 chefs are protesting the state’s upcoming ban on the sale of foie gras, citing a high customer demand for the delicacy. The chefs are urging the state legislature to revoke the ban and create what they call “humane” foie-gras production standards instead.

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