Investigation Exposes Cruelty at Tyson Supplier

The Humane Society of the United States finds disturbing treatment of pigs at a Wyoming breeding facility.


At Wyoming Premium Farms in Wheatland, WY, an undercover investigator for HSUS documented workers abusing pigs. In the investigation footage, workers are shown punching and kicking pigs; animals with broken limbs, uterine and rectal prolapses; and mummified piglets. HSUS President and CEO Wayne Pacelle called on Tyson to join food-industry giants Smithfield, Burger King, and McDonald’s in committing to a gestation crate-free supply chain. Wyoming Premium Farms is owned by Itoham Inc., the second-largest pork processor in Japan. Itoham Inc. was fined 30 million yen in 2005 after failing to pay millions in customs duties on pork imports.

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