MFA Activist Speaks About Investigations on RT

Mercy For Animals’ Matt Rice was interviewed on global news network RT to discuss undercover animal-welfare investigations.

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Animal-welfare organization Mercy For Animals has had numerous successful investigations in the past several years, revealing cruelty and unsanitary conditions at factory farms across America. After the recent discovery of mad cow disease in an animal in California, the organization’s Director of Investigations Matt Rice appeared on Russia Today—the second most-watched foreign news network in the nation, better known as RT—to discuss MFA’s achievements in exposing the dark underbelly of the meat industry. Rice also spoke out against “ag-gag” laws, describing how they are used to conceall the truth about conditions in factory farms and slaughterhouses from consumers. “This is an industry that’s proven time and time again to be incapable of self-regulation, and no other industry has these kinds of protections,” Rice says during the interview.

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