Pigs Face Mass Slaughter Following Health Disaster

Officials in Chile may kill 500,000 pigs after unsanitary conditions on a factory farm led to a health emergency.


Half a million pigs outside of Santiago, Chile may soon face mass slaughter after the Chilean government ordered the closure of a local factory farm. In May, the farm was the site of a massive riot, which began after residents barricaded the facility complaining of foul odors and environmental contamination in the surrounding area. The farm’s pigs, who were left unattended throughout the five-day protest, began to die of starvation and dehydration, prompting Chilean authorities to declare the situation a health emergency and shut down operations indefinitely. Though initial reports said the remaining pigs would be transported to nearby farms, the owner says they will be slaughtered instead. International nonprofit Compassion in World Farming is urging its supporters to reach out to Chilean officials and protest the decision.

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