<i>Whale Wars</i> Captain Arrested, Bailed from German Jail

Whale Wars Captain Arrested, Bailed from German Jail

Conservationist and reality television star Paul Watson was detained and incarcerated in connection with his anti-fishing efforts.

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While the nail-biting excitement of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars is simply entertainment to many, its realities extend far beyond the small screen. Earlier this week, Sea Shepherd activist and Ocean Warrior Captain Paul Watson was released from German police custody after being arrested in connection with endangering a Costa Rican fishing vessel in 2002 while attempting to protect sharks and other marine wildlife. After witnessing the crew of the ship finning sharks, Watson and his crew confronted the ship with permission from Guatemalan authorities. While he has since been bailed out, Watson hopes that the incident will raise awareness about ocean conservation. “We have all the laws and regulations we need to protect our oceans, but we don’t have governments with the guts to enforce those regulations,” he tells CNN.