Echo Park Vegan Pizza Crawl Today

Five restaurants in Los Angeles’ Echo Park will be offering specials today in celebration of Vegan Pizza Day.


Today, restaurants across the nation will be serving up slices of meat- and dairy-free pizza in recognition of this year’s Vegan Pizza Day event, created by Chicago Vegan Foods and blogger Quarrygirl. Los Angeles residents are fortunate to be at the holiday’s epicenter—the Echo Park neighborhood is the destination for the five-restaurant Vegan Pizza Crawl, which takes participants on a delicious journey to Mohawk Bend, Two Boots, Masa, LA Pizza Company, and Sunset Beer Company. Each eatery is offering a special for the day; for example Mohawk Bend will be loading up its pies with unusual toppings, and Masa will be offering all vegan deep-dish pizzas at 25 percent off. The crawl also has its own Facebook page for further details.

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