EU Activists Launch Dairy-Cow Welfare Campaign

Compassion in World Farming and Ben and Jerry’s hope to enact a law that would mandate higher welfare standards.


International animal-welfare organization Compassion in World Farming has teamed up with the World Society for the Protection of Animals and ice-cream company Ben and Jerry’s to launch a new campaign aimed at improving conditions for European dairy cows. The campaign, called Supporting Better Dairy, hopes to create new mandatory welfare standards for dairy cows using the European Citizens’ Initiative—a measure that lets EU citizens propose new legislation. Absolutely Fabulous actress Joanna Lumley, a CIWF spokesperson, has come out in support of the campaign. “It’s our chance to say we don’t want to see our cows forced indoors, unable to graze in the summer fields, and to ask the EU to give them the protection they deserve,” Lumley says.

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