EU Commissioner to Propose Welfare-Policy Review

The government official voiced his support for a campaign spearheaded by nonprofit World Horse Welfare.

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Responding to public outcry, European Union Health Commissioner John Dalli has agreed to propose a government review of EU policy surrounding the transport of animals. Last week, animal-welfare organization World Horse Welfare presented Dalli with a petition calling for a limit on the duration of animals’ trips to slaughterhouses—under current EU legislation, animals, including horses, can face lengthy journeys of several days in cramped quarters, often with very little food or water. With Dalli’s support, animal activists hope to persuade other EU officials to consider implementing more humane transport regulations. “We will now work with the commission, parliament, EU ministers, and other animal-welfare groups to press … for changes to be made immediately where the regulation is out of line with scientific knowledge,” says World Horse Welfare Chief Executive Roly Owers.

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