Hannah’s Law Vegan Star Fights For GMO Labels

Kimberly Elise loves her new vegan diet, and wants increased transparency for genetically modified food.


As the star of the new Hallmark Movie Channel film Hannah’s Law, actress Kimberly Elise plays Stagecoach Mary in the wild West. But in real life, Elise has a gentler prerogative—she has recently transitioned from being vegetarian to vegan. Elise tells Mother Nature Network that although she was vegetarian for 13 years, ditching dairy resolved her recurring stomach problems, and she now feasts on plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts.  Elise also tells MNN that she hopes to raise awareness about, a website that aims to achieve full disclosure in the process of labeling genetically modified foods. “It’s a really important issue,” she tells the environmental-awareness website. “GMOs hurt us on so many levels.”

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