Jane Velez-Mitchell: End Gestation Crates

The respected journalist has penned an editorial column urging farmers to discontinue the use of the cruel crates.


News correspondent, TV host, and author Jane Velez-Mitchell is a proud vegan and animal-welfare advocate, and her newest target is gestation crates. Velez-Mitchell has written an op-ed piece for CNN’s website outlining the reasons why gestation crates are physically and psychologically cruel to the sows that they house, and expressing her anger that recent pledges to discontinue their use are not treating the issue with urgency. She also applauds the work of animal-rights organizations, commenting, “The factory farm industry has gone to tremendous lengths to try to keep the secret of pig gestation crates from the American public. But, thanks to the work of the HSUS, Farm Sanctuary, Mercy For Animals, and PETA, the secret is out.”

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