New Survey Says Americans Want Antibiotic-Free Meat

According to Consumers Union, the majority of US consumers want more antibiotic-free meat at their supermarkets.


The Food and Drug Administration has come under fire in recent months due to its lax regulation of antibiotics on farms, and according to a new survey, the majority of American consumers are on board with that criticism. Surveying more than a thousand people across the country, consumer-advocacy group Consumers Union found that 86 percent wanted greater access to antibiotic-free meat, and more than 60 percent were willing to pay higher prices to get it. The aim of the survey was to influence agricultural practices by proving that antibiotic-free products are in demand. Antibiotics, which are widely used in the agricultural industry to promote the growth of livestock, have been shown to cause drug resistance in humans—a fact many researchers say could threaten public health.

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