NY Politician Calls for Better Treatment of Dairy Cows

Responding to a recent PETA undercover investigation, State Senator Tony Avella is appealing for welfare reforms.


New York State Senator Tony Avella has teamed up with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to demand better welfare policies on dairy farms. Last week, the politician held a screening of PETA’s most recent farm exposé, which depicts alleged animal cruelty on Adirondack Farms, LLC in upstate New York. The footage, released in March, prompted Avella to reach out to Agri-Mark—a dairy-farmer cooperative that oversees operations at several New England farms, including Adirondack. “If we don’t get a response, we may have to take legislative action to ensure the animals are treated humanely,” says Avella, who added that the behavior revealed in the exposé was “inappropriate.”

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