Prominent Chef Aims to Adopt Plant-Based Diet

Established Philadelphia chef Scott Schroeder has announced that he is attempting to go vegan due to health concerns.


While the menu for South Philadelphia Tap Room may feature dishes such as Wild Boar Tacos and Beer-Braised Bacon Cheeseburgers, its chef, Scott Schroeder, is taking a turn for the plant-based, according to Eater. Schroeder, who recently began to self-identify as “vegan” on his Twitter page, tells the popular food website that he is trying to stick with a meat- and dairy-free diet due to “health issues and a lot of headaches.” Although the chef professes a continued weakness for cheese, he also says that his new regimen has helped him realize that meat made him sluggish, and that since changing his diet, he has “felt so much better.” Schroder also pledges to improve the quality of the vegan food at his restaurants. “I’m sure I will screw up along the way,” he disclaims, “but I think as long as I am trying, that’s a good thing.”

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